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Product authenticity verification is a standard feature available to all Dedicated Brand App. The feature allows users to verify products carrying Matrix Plus code. Using our smart technology, a Matrix Plus code shines a light on every black market. It’s a unique code, assigned to each and every product forever. Matrix Plus is a multi-layered patented technology which provides true protection against counterfeiting and saves the cost for pre-serialisation of packaging.

It is a combination of highly secure tamper evident 3d Imagery, verifiable In-app Using Proprietary Technology, a unique fingerprint Printed as a 2d Code. Matrix Plus can be integrated into a product or into a packaging. Once applied all features of Matrix Plus are completely verifiable using cutting edge technology included in the Matrix Plus Application via a smartphone or any other similar device. Matrix Plus secure verification is available via Matrix Plus App.


Matrix Plus cost and price is variable depending upon label size and quantity. Call our Executive now and remove any counterfeit product from the market at the most competitive prices. Gain your revenues and brand promotion through our loyalty & reward programs.


To download the Matrix Plus app, go to Playstore/IOS, search for Matrix Plus app. This app is free to download. Once finished with installation process register your details into the Matrix Plus app.

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