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Our main objective of providing this product is to enhance branding capabilities to all brand

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Product Introduction

Dome stickers or labels are very attractive stickers which you can use to grab attention of the public towards your brand or company. The domed nature of the sticker makes your brand name or what you want to print look 3-D. The dome stickers are made by applying a polyurethane coating which gives the stickers a 3-D look. This dome stickers are very much eye-catching and the main reason behind it is the 3-D look. However the dome shaped label gives a glossy look which adds a certain attractive nature and helps to grab attention of the targeted audience.

Some people also considers that due to the shiny nature of the dome stickers it get more attraction. People also prefer dome stickers not only for branding but for marketing also as due to the attractiveness it provides makes it a good way of marketing. This dome stickers are transformed into refrigerator stickers, badges with pin etc.

Product Definition

Dome stickers are used for promotions. Usually brands hands over their dome stickers to people to use anywhere; it not only gives a good impression but also serves as a marketing weapon in this strong marketing era.

Product Features

Important features of domed stickers are as follows:

Self-Healing Capability: One of the main traits of these dome stickers are that they are self-healing, that means they can heal themselves after getting minor scratches or cuts and can become new once again. They are often refer to as permanent stickers because of this self-healing capability.

Durable: They are used by many manufacturers as their permanent marking due to durable and eye-catching abilities.

Long lasting: They are not only attractive or eye-catching they are also durable long lasting stickers. The domed top also helps to protect the label underneath. Thus it is long lasting.

Scratch Resistant: The domed top also avoids scratches, fading of color due to external factors. These domed top also acts as a shield from many chemical substances, UV rays, dirt and grime.


Various applications in which these labels are used are as follows:

  • Many cloth manufacturers uses this domed stickers as disposable items by affixing them on their hangers or in the price tags. This domed stickers are affixed in such a manner that whenever the customer picks the cloth for inspection they will first notice and touch the domed stickers first than the cloth.
  • Refrigerators


Material Used

Material Used: Metalized Polyetser


minimum 10 mm x 10 mm


Silver, Gold and other colors are available on special request (volume quantities apply in case you require hologram in other colors).


We reserve the right to increase or decrease the quantity depending on the customer demands

Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum order quantity is 10000 pieces.

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