Leading Hologram Manufacturers in India

Our Holograms are top-grade, and comes in a wide palette of colors, sizes and security features to protect your brand.

Tamper Proof Labels

Tamper Proof Hologram Stickers the ones which leave behind a mark like a logo, or an image, or any other texts like ‘VOID’ when any one tries to remove it.

Holographic Stickers

Hologram Labels which have sometimes have registration marks on a single holographic image. 

Custom Holograms

Custom Hologram Stickers consists of high security elements like images, graphics, nano-texts, micro-texts and many other elements which combats against counterfeiting.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Matrix Technologies has been lucrative in exporting Holograms to various countries including Germany, USA, Netherlands, France, Kenya, Greece, South Africa, Australia among many others. It’s versatile and remarkable workforce consists of approximately 300 employees. It caters to the growing Hologram industry through its manufacturing presence in India.

Building Successful Businesses Since 2003

Established in 2003, Matrix Technologies is one of the world’s paramount suppliers, manufacturers and exporters of Holograms. Operating in around 35 countries, it helps its clientele mutate in pursuance of enhancing their performance and aggressive positioning. The company is a leader in Holograms and its allied products.

High Security Solutions

We are not only ISO certified, but also registered member of HOMAI (Hologram Manufacturer Association of India) and IHMA (International Hologram Manufacturers Association). Through consistent research and development, we have innovated various holographic products like hologram shrink sleeves, hologram labels, hologram stickers and other hologram products. Matrix Technologies offers a wide range of security hologram solutions which include hologram security labels to hologram warantee seal.

Product Saftey

With the growth in the industries the demand for Holograms is booming. Nowadays, there are billions of people all around the globe who purchases Hologram affixed product, which indicates the genuinity of the product. Thus, we offer a wide range of hologram solutions to help our customers secure their products and brands even when fall asleep. Matrix Technologies, we have endorsed highly advanced and latest technologies, so as to offer the best anti-counterfeit solutions to protect your brand and company products.

Assure, Ensure And Secure

Being the world’s most trusted hologram manufacturer, it has taken its own path of delivering security solutions for clients by securing their catastrophes caused by deceit and duplicity. With the vision of assure, ensure and secure, it has shaped heterogeneous modernizations to products all the time. Based in Bangalore, it focus on building long haul relationships with its clients by understanding the business requirements of its client’s.

What our customers are saying

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