Self Adhesive Hologram Stickers

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Just when you think of those professional-looking, water-proof and tamper evident labels the first and foremost thing that comes to your mind is that annoying sticky glue. We have came across a solution for that which is a tamper evident label that is self adhesive and pressure sensitive in nature. Being a customer-centric organization, we have an assortment of self adhesive stickers to offer. And these stickers are holographic that is they are embedded with variety of security features to protect your commodity against duplication.



To increase the bond strength between the sticker and the surface on which it has been affixed.


Our range of multicolored and self adhesive hologram stickers are available in various sizes and shapes. They can be easily customized depending upon the customer needs. These stickers are manufactured by using various substrates like plastics, paper, metalised film, etc. which makes bonding stronger.

Important features of Self Adhesive Hologram Labels are as follows:

Self Adhesive: The most important feature of self adhesive sticker is that they are self adhesive and once affixed to a substrate it is very difficult to remove.

Wide Range: Available in variety of shapes, dimensions, colors.

Authentication: Self adhesive labels provides authentication and protection against counterfeiters as they consists of various high security features like microtext, qr codes, serial numbers, vibrant prints, etc.

Listed below are the application of Self Adhesive Hologram Labels:

  • Textile industry
  • Oil and lubricants sector
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • FMCG products
  • Beverages

Material Used: Hi-gloss Self-Adhesive Holographic Paper

Overall size of the seal: 30 mmx75mm

Impregnated Hologram Size: Minimum 10 mmx75mm

Avg.Thickness: 50 Microns

Color: Silver, Gold and other colors are available on special request (volume quantities apply in case you require hologram in other colors).

Quantity: We reserve the right to increase or decrease the quantity depending on the customer demands.

Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum order quantity is 5,000 pieces.

Time Required To Manufacture

15 to 20 Days

Delivery formats


Reel form


Die-Cut form

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