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“Hi, My name is B Vijay Kumar. I am the chairman and managing director of Total Gaz. We had an immediate requirement for around 2 lakh pieces of Scratch Holograms. Matrix Technologies successfully completed this venture on time there by, meeting our requirements with ease. Marketing Team of Matrix Technologies have provided an excellent support for us throughout the entire process of hologram production. As a result, we have developed a strong relationship with them and would like to continue to work closely as we implement our future business plans. We would also refer Matrix Technologies for other companies for their hologram needs.”

B Vijay Kumar, Chairman & Managing Director of TOIPL (TotalGaz)

I am the Sales Head of Tata Indicom in Bangalore. I got an immediate demand from our higher management that they want more than 5,00,000 pieces of Dot-Matrix Holograms within 10 days. I was searching on internet for the companies who manufacture holograms. I came across this company named Matrix Technologies. I was confused with the name Karnataka Holotech and Matrix Technologies. When i inquired with lot of other companies who have worked with them i came to know that Karnataka Holotech was the former name. Along with that i heard a lot of good and honest reviews from people about products manufactured from Matrix Technologies. So, we gave a bulk order of 5,00,000 pieces and they completed it successfully on time.

Sales Head, Tata Indicom (Bangalore)

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