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Looking for ideas to seal the containers of food, water bottles or any other pharmaceutical products with highly secure feature? Here is one such product known as hologram seals. These holographic seals are both environmental friendly and very useful to protect products from duplicity.



Our main objective of providing this product is to promote and protect brands.


Also, known as holographic wads, they find major application in consumer-packaged goods. Hologram seals offers unique authentication with the help of multiple security features.

Important features of Hologram Seals are as follows:

Strong Adhesive Property: It has a strong adhesive property which sticks to any surface with ease.

Authentication: Holograms with scratch coating helps in covering important text or highly valuable texts and makes it impossible for counterfeiters to create fake products or forge documents.

Tamper Evident: When anyone removes these holographic wads they leave behind VOID, CANCELLED or REMOVED words on the product.

Various applications in which these Holographic Seals are used are as follows:

  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Bottles
  • Food Containers
  • FMCG Products

Material used: PTE teflon tapes are used.

Material Thickness: 25mm, 36mm and 50mm

Color: Silver, Gold, Rainbow color or customized

Quantity: We reserve the right to increase or decrease the quantity depending on the customer demands.

Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum order quantity is 20,000 pieces.

Time Required To Manufacture

15 to 20 Days

Delivery formats


Roll form


Sheet form


Tape form


They are available in individual cut forms.

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