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Start up companies have tried various ways of monetization of the business so as to recoup their investments. Some new comers into business go with targeted advertising by using google adwords, bing ads, facebook ads and much more similar to those. Few others opt for affiliate marketing, subscriptions or in-app purchases.

With the advance in technology, folks have came up with the new way of monetization and advertising which makes the sales go up in no time. They are nothing but stickers. Stickers brings life to your products. Especially those stickers which makes you product looks more gleamy. We have one such thing in our product pack to offer you. They are Instant Hologram Stickers.



To enhance the brand image and make the brands more genuine and authentic.


Instant Hologram Stickers are the ready made holograms which are always available at factory premises. We have the ability to supply any number of holograms depending on the demands from the customers. Instant holograms are those stickers which consists of a general design and consists of words such as ‘ORIGINAL’, ‘AUTHENTIC’, ‘VALID’, ‘GENUINE’ and many others. They are available in various colors like silver, gold, blue, red, yellow, brown, etc. They are tamper evident by nature.

Important features of Instant Hologram Labels are as follows:

Ease of application: These Hologram Stickers are easy to apply and can be affixed on any kind of surface/substrate.

Tamper Evident: They are self adhesive and tamper evident. We can use these labels to protect, secure and authenticate different commodities. If anyone tries to tampers these labels, there will be a nominal residue on the surface to which these stickers will be affixed.

Brand Protection: These stickers are very difficult to replicate since they consists of more than 15 security features there by protecting the brand.

Listed below are the application of Instant Hologram Labels:

  • Gift Vouchers
  • Promotional Purposes
  • Entry Tickets
  • Lotteries

Material Used: Ultra clear PET film

Embossing temperature: 80 to 150 degree Celsius

Metal: Aluminum 99.6% pure

Avg.Thickness: 36.02 Microns

Temperature resistance: 160 Degree

Color: Silver, Gold and other colors are available on special request (volume quantities apply in case you require hologram in other colors).

Quantity: We reserve the right to increase or decrease the quantity depending on the customer demands.

Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum order quantity is 5,000 pieces.

Time Required To Manufacture

3 to 4 Days

Delivery formats


Roll form


Sheet form

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