Hologram Masters


The art of making holograms and science involved in producing holograms is called as Holography. A hologram is a photographic recording of light field and is used to display 3-D images without the use of any kind of special 3d glasses. Field of light is encoded on a photographic surface. Holography requires the use of laser light.

What is Holography?

Holography is the method of producing true 3-D objects on photographic surfaces. The resulting image obtained from this object is called as Hologram. Dennis Gabor is the father of holography. He was a Hungarian Physicist who won the Noble Prize in the year 1971 for his idea of Holography. Optical Imaging was done perfectly with this basic idea of holography developed by Dennis Gabor. Optical Imaging included all the parameters like amplitude and phase of the light-wave to produce a holo-spatial image.

Conventional light sources were used in the beginning to produce holographic images which produced low quality images as the dispersion of light could’t be attained perfectly. But, in the year 1960, Theodore Maiman built the first Laser for which he received a Nobel Prize. Laser consisted of a ruby cylinder and a bright flash lamp through which pluses of red light were emitted.

What is a Hologram Master?

Film Holograms, Photopolymer and Embossed Holograms are the three basic kinds of Holograms available in the commercial world. Embossed Holograms are the majorly produced holographic products which are produced by embossing. Purposes for which they are used are for packaging, security and display purposes. In order to produce these basic kinds of holograms we have to develop a holography nickel master. This most basic process of producing holograms is known as hologram master origination.

There are two steps involved in the development of a hologram master. They are;


Hologram Artwork Preparation


Hologram Mastering Process

Step 1: Hologram Artwork Preparation

Before starting to develop Hologram Masters, this is the most basic step that each and every single hologram manufacturers must do. You must design an artwork of the hologram using software programs like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. The Hologram Artwork must consist of separated layers of images and other layers which consists of security elements like micro-texts, logos, complex images, etc.

Step 2: Hologram Mastering Process

The process of Hologram Mastering is also known as Hologram masters origination. Hologram Masters are nothing but a piece of nickel shim developed by using laser light, highly advanced optics & photosensitive glass. These masters of holograms are developed in the physics laboratories under highly concentrated conditions.

Holograms instead of regular white light.  A single laser beam is used to make Hologram. This Laser beam is then split into two beams which are exactly same by the use of special lens. One of the beams which is obtained using special lens, is directly shone on to the film which is called as reference beam. The second beam is reflected of the object which is used to make holographic image. The interference pattern is created, when these two laser beams intersect and overlap with each other. This interference pattern is recorded onto the film. The whole image is seen when the film is developed which is known as hologram master.

With the help of hologram master, we can manufacture unlimited number of holograms which gives a 3-dimensional effect. Apart from 3-D effect many other kind of effects can be produced while mastering process which includes Animation Effect, Dynamic Effect, Kinetic Effect, Multi-Colored Effect etc. We develop all kinds of holograms as we have an advanced laboratory that comprises of advanced holographic master origination system and recombination system. The standard image sizes for the hologram masters are 6″ x 6″, 12″ x 12″, 19″ x 26″, 36″x 40″ and 36″ x60″.

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