Hologram Applications.

Nowadays, holograms can be seen in each and every sector of businesses. If you have used products like Mobile batteries, pouches, credit cards, debit cards, certificates of degree or other documents which contains confidential information, You might have seen some stickers affixed on them which give various effects when viewed from different angles. These are the holographic stickers used to protect documents or cards from duplication. More often, holograms are used for brand protection and consumer packaging.

List Of Hologram Applications

Secure Holograms for Incense Sticks, Cigarettes and Beedies

From many years we have conglomerated ourselves with lot of other companies and have been supplying holograms which are widely used on Incense sticks, Cigarettes and Beedis. These kind of stickers assure, ensure and secure our client that their products are safe against counterfeit activities..

Hologram Stickers for Computer Peripherals

Our qualitative range of holographic stickers are highly reliable. These top-end holographic stickers can be applied on computer peripherals. The holograms manufactured for the purpose of computer peripherals comes with an assortment of features like multi-digit sequential numbering, batch numbers, manufactured date, logo and micro-texts. We have exclusively designed and recreated these kind of holograms to assist our clients in fighting against product duplication. Demand for these kind of holographic stickers is boosting with time.

Holographic Labels for Beverages

If you are looking for a creative way to spice-up the promotion of your products and protect your brands against forgery then, Holographic labels would be the best choice. Since ours is customer-centric company, we always focus on satisfying customers needs. Irrespective of your product, we supply holographic labels. Holographic labels are best suited for beverages. One you affix these kind of dazzling and sparkling labels on the bottles it gives an effective look to your product, promotes the products in its own way as it is very attractive and also protects your products against duplication.

High Security Holograms for Credit Cards, Driving License, Passport and Visa

We provide a wide assortment of holograms with high security features like micro texts, nano texts, complex images, logos and a multitude of other features. Our holograms once affixed on Debit cards/passports cannot be removed easily and along with that it warns people who try to forgery that contain security features. They offer an individual identity to a brand along with its protection. Their quality till date remains unmatched and the durability of these highly secure holograms are extremely unattainable. These are available in three different colors. They are gold, silver and bronze.

Holographic tags and stickers for Garments

Garments industry is usually called as textile industry or apparel industry. It is principally agitated with the manufacturing of clothing, distribution and promotion. Imagine that you are purchasing a cloth from a brand showroom. For instance, let us assume that you are purchasing a T-shirt from a Nike showroom. You might purchase it without any fear. Because of its high quality, the way they have promoted their products and the efforts they have put from past few decades. Let us go a little bit deep into T-shirt. What Nike company has done is, they are have build a huge trust with their customers as their products are of extremely high quality. If you check out their clothing, their will be lot of tags which displays the originality of their product. They are many instances in which they have used holographic tags and stickers on the clothes they have manufactured.

At, Matrix Technologies we manufacture these kind of tags and stickers, which can be used to show the genuinity and originality of the product. It will all help in building a great trust in the customers.

Hologram Docket for Vehicle Number Plate

You might have seen number plates on bikes or cars. They are high security registration plates as they consist of registered hologram stickers which indicates genuinity. Depending on the needs and demands for the customers we manufacture hologram dockets for vehicle number plates. For the purpose of identity they have different numbers for each.

Security Holograms for Cheques, Currency Notes and Demand Drafts

Our main goal of manufacturing holograms is to prevent forgery, tampering or counterfeiting. Over years of work and expertise, we have came up with holograms of superior quality which gives protection against these. These security holograms play a crucial role in Currency Notes, DD, Cheques, etc. On affixing these holograms on your products, it will provide an originality and offer identity to the product. Our wide range of security holograms promotes branding and complete security. We offer these holograms at very competitive prices. The hologram images developed for cheques and currency notes are mullti-colored reflective images. If any one tries to photocopy or scan a high-value document, this image appears non-shiny.

Hologram seals for Perfumes and Chemicals

We are a specialized manufacturer and supplier of Hologram seals for Chemicals, Cosmetics & Perfumes Boxes in India. Since, these kind of seals are very difficult to copy they are widely used on bottles of perfumes and chemicals. Hologram seals ensure safety and protects them against duplication.

Hologram tags for Electrical and Electronic Products

Hologram tags have an excellent ability to inspect an identical product. These kind of tags are more often used for protecting duplication of electrical and electronic products. These tags are available in a variety colors, sizes and shapes. Please contact us to purchase these kind of tags from us.

Advanced Security Holograms for government important documents, Share Certificate and Bus Tickets

Each and every industry can use holograms to easily enhance their brand name. The advanced security holograms manufactured by us are widely applied on important documents provided by government, bus tickets, share certificates, waybill, etc. Depending upon the clients needs, we manufacture holograms with sequential laser numbering and inkjet numbering. These stickers play a vital role in protecting the documents against duplicity.

Hologram stamps for Stationery and Books

We have been extensively manufacturing and supplying an excellent assortment of holographic stamps for items related to stationeries and books. These kind of holographic stamps are very effective as they offer protection against counterfeiting and duplicity. We provide them in various types of shapes, sizes and colors depending on the needs of our clients.

Hologram protection Strips for FMCG Products

As the name itself suggests, they are the strips consisting of hologram on them and along with that they provide protection against counterfeit and duplication of products. These kind of protective strips can be used on FMCG products like cards, medicines, food, audio-visual products etc. Hologram protection strips can be directly laminated on the product covering. Matrix Technologies is one among the most prominent suppliers of hologram strips which offer protection from counterfeiters. For more, kindly go through the list of all products we manufacture.

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