Company Insights on Holograms

Technology is playing a major role in the world we live today. We can assume that there is not even a single filed which is not dependent on technology. Among all the fields which are highly influenced by technology, holography can be considered as one of the crucial advancements in technology. More than 1 million companies around the globe has recognized the importance of holography.



Innovations in the field of holography has transformed the business of many organizations and dependence on holograms for their security issues.



Brand Packaging and Brand Protection holds a major percentage of growth in Holograms.



Holograms have been used in thousands of organizations from securing their products to building real-time business models.

Holograms & History


We cannot forget the history of holograms, as the development of holograms and holographic techniques wasn’t that easy. Let us take a look at the term Hologram.

Bit of History

Hologram was coined from the two greek words HOLOS which means whole and GRAMMA which means message. Hologram was first developed by Hungarian-born scientist Dennis Gabor in the year 1947. The theory of Holography was developed while he was working on the resolution of electron microscope. Dr. Dennis Gabor was awarded the Nobel prize in the year 1971 for his discovery of Holography.


A Hologram is nothing but a flat surface which appears as a 3-D image under proper illumination. Lasers are used to make Holograms. Since laser light is coherent, lasers are used to make Holograms instead of regular white light. Holographic images can be seen from all directions.

Application of Holograms

Holograms are exclusively used in Medical Field, 3-D Modelling,  Brand Packaging and many more.


Medical Applications

Holograms produced from scanning, medical photography, X-ray can be used to create Specimens, histology and biopsy. They are used to create visuals so as to emphasize on key points like diagnostics, molecular models and other things that can be found on books, music recordings and magazines. One of the major applications of holography is for computer data storage because of its 3-d nature.


3D Modelling

They are also used to produce geographic features, 3D models, presentation of historical artifacts, historical timeline and information. Holograms are also applied in science to create atomic and molecular representations. It can be easily used to represent scientific methods, laws and equations. Mathematical models can be visualized using Holograms.  If the hologram is broken into parts, each part is capable of reconstructing the entire object.



The Holograms are widely used in the field of advertising. We can find them on books, music recordings, magazines etc. In the early seventies, cylindrical holograms were used to display a new car model. Holograms are used in the field of medicine. Holographic picture of the subject was taken to examine the subject in 3 dimensions. Holograms are used instead of x-ray spectroscopy and also for the acoustical imaging development.



By looking at the overview and insights, we can be 100% sure that, hologram technology can not only enhance your company value but also lend a helping hand in making your business and life smarter.


For instance, if you are new player in global market of manufacturing batteries for mobile phones, everyone will try to find the best and trusted suppliers who have already taken a stand. Or, some customers can all find the security stickers and purchase the products.

Rapid Growth

Application of one such holographic sticker to each and every product you manufacture might assist your business simply “grow, grow and grow”.

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