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Do you remember those old days when you used to play with stickers which gave a 3D effect when viewed from different angles. These kind of stickers were given as a gift or as a free thing when you used to purchase any chocolates or chips. A big smile is what you used to put up on your face when you used to get 3D stickers as free gifts. Stickers of these sorts were not only bright in color but they also displayed favorite heroes, favourite cartoon characters and much more. These were old marketing strategies which companies used to follow to attract customers. But, with the advancement in technologies these kind of 3D stickers have been re-innovated and revolutionized to provide security features, henceforth protecting the product against forgery.

We have an extensive manufacturing unit which have the capability to manufacture these kind of 3D holographic labels. These kind of stickers bring life to your products by making them look more shinny and gleaming.



The main goal of this product is to combat counterfeits and duplicity.


3D Hologram Stickers are not only tamper proof in nature but also they give a special 3d effect when the perception angles are changed. We can embed any number of texts of microscopic size, complex images and logos of companies into this sticker. This sticker offers a huge visual depth. The evidence of tampering is left behind the substrate or a surface where it has been sticked. By default, these kind of stickers are 3-dimensional in nature.

3D Hologram Sticker Features

Important features of 3D Hologram Stickers are as follows:

Tamper Evident: In the current days, duplication of products has become a trend. If you are manufacturing any new product and thinking of releasing it to the market, you may need to think of duplicity issues. Inserting these kind of 3D stickers consisting of holographic images which shows visible signs if opened prior to purchase; they offer tamper evident property, i.e., on removal it leaves behind some kind of images or logo mark as a proof of tampering.

Highly Opaque and non-transparent: 3d Holograms are highly opague and non-Transparent. Therefore they can be used for the purpose of anti-counterfeiting.

Blazing reflectivity: 3D Holograms gives a good blazing reflectivity and offers 3D special effects, there by making it more reflective.

Nominal residue: These stickers have a special feature of leaving behind a nominal residue on the surface where it has been sticked. This helps in combating against the duplication of the products.

Application of 3D Hologram Sticker

Listed below are the application of 3D Hologram Stickers:

  • Gift Cards
  • Passwords
  • Mobile recharge cards
  • Banking Purposes
  • Lotteries
  • Mobile Batteries

Specifactions of 3D Hologram Sticker

Material Used: PFG-04

Holographic Sensitivity: @ 488nm CW micro J/cm2, PFG-04 – 100000

Normal diffraction efficiency: @ 488nm, %

Emulsion coated on glass plates size: 63×63

Color: Silver, Gold and other colours are available on special request (volume quantities apply in case you require hologram in other colors).

Quantity: We reserve the right to increase or decrease the quantity depending on the customer demands.

Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum order quantity is 12,000 pieces.

Time Required To Manufacture

15 to 20 Days

Delivery formats


Roll form


Sheet form


Tape form


They are available in individual cut forms.

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