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Huge Client Base

With over 3,000 global clients, we have been instrumental in building a healthy relationship with customers.

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We believe in working collaboratively which helps us to achieve our goal.

Advanced Equipments

Today, we continue to be leaders in the hologram industry by ensuring that our team has access to the most advanced equipment available.

Customized Hologram Products

We develop and deliver customized products designed using a foundation of research and insights.

On Time Delivery

Utilizing the most advanced technology, professional drivers, and friendly logistics service enables us to deliver products on time.

Overseas Market

We not only manufacture and supply holograms in India, but we export our products to all the countries worldwide.

Our Hologram Products

Hologram Labels

Matrix Technologies is one of the leading Hologram Manufacturers in India. It is an ISO certified company. The quality of the hologram labels manufactured by matrix technologies is extremely good. Hologram Labels offer extensive security to your products and offer protection against counterfeiters. It also enhances their brand image. These kind of hologram labels provide highest levels of security.

Scratch Holograms

Scratch hologram offers highest security against counterfeiters. They are also known as security holograms. They help in brand promotion. Scratch holograms are used for the purpose of banking in order to cover pin codes, Top up cards, pin number and other purposes which requires high security. A scratch of hologram coating is deposited over the hidden texts or random serial numbers which provides security.

Security Holograms

Our main objective of providing this product is to provide security against counterfeiters and also security holograms with high security aids in brand promotion. Raise your product’s security with the best security solutions offered by Matrix Technologies. The high security holograms provided by us have a maximum resolution of 10 mm per optical element. They are produced using specialized machines which makes forgery difficult and expensive.

Hologram Seals

Looking for ideas to seal the containers of food, water bottles or any other pharmaceutical products with highly secure feature? Here is one such product known as hologram seals. These holographic seals are both environmental friendly and very useful to protect products from duplicity. Also, known as holographic wads, they find major application in consumer-packaged goods. Hologram seals offers unique authentication with the help of multiple security features.

Holographic Shrink Sleeves

Now, the concept of holography is revolutionized in such a way that holographic security has been integrated with shrink sleeves. Hologram shrink sleeves are available in various forms such as pre-form holograms and roll form holograms. They offer high security and these sleeves can be easily molded around products during the process of packaging. Holographic shrink sleeves can be produced in roll form or in pre-form. Most important feature of this product is that it is tamper evident. Depending on the demands by the clients this product can be provided in various shapes and sizes.

Tamper Proof Hologram Stickers

The main goal of this product is to protect your brand and product from tampering. Tamper Proof Hologram Stickers the ones which leave behind a mark like a logo, or an image, or any other texts like ‘VOID’ when any one tries to remove it. They consists of a fragile face stock and strong adhesive which leaves a mark as a proof of tampering.

Versatile Features Of Hologram Labels


Tamper Evident

Leaves a evidence of tampering.


Dazzling and High Resolution .

High Security

Embedded with complex elements .

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